Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life happens, Which means it gets harder and harder to be inspired. So if my work seems repetitive, work with me. I just got a new pen tablet and I am extremely excited about it. Intuos 4... it's a huge and amazing investment. I can already tell a major difference in my precision. This came all from my head. I usually have to look at a few images to get going, but this was just a doodle that became more of a finished piece. I used the watercolor on the art program I have and well guess what... it is still extremely difficult to work with! However it is slightly more controllable (and there's digital erasing, thank God). This reminds me a lot of some of the female Japanese artists I have researched. Very colorful, but weirdly awkward/ provocative (cannot say the word "provocative" without thinking about Blades of Glory... thanks Kanye and Jay-Z). Alright. Time to Go.

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