Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well now... Artist block is back and in full force... Has something to do with a over 40 hr/week job and possible seasonal depression. So, instead of actually doing something that takes time, I am fooling around with different aspects of the drawing app I have. I am an idiot, and just discovered layers... and now I find out that these layers can move... I think this design would make for a pretty sweet T-shirt... but per usual I have yet to do my research as to where I can make some... or even how much it would cost :/
Also, if and when I can even get my scanner to work, I want to also put some more sketches on here. I am hoping to have some time this weekend to really just relax and figure it all out. In any case, I will only make T-shirts if I get enough interest, and since my friends are all pretty much broke, I understand why it would be an issue... One can dream however that I could make something of a living off my work...

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